Islay taxi service and whisky tours…

If you are looking for whisky tours when you come to Islay and you want to enjoy a tipple or two on the way then let us do all the driving! Here the Islay Taxi Service will ferry to and from each distillery. Read on to find out more…


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Islay taxis and Islay whisky tours

Are looking for Islay taxis or Islay whisky tours? Then look no further. Bowmore Taxi Service and Islay Whisky Tours offer a friendly taxi service and whisky tours all under one roof. So that you can take in the many distilleries on the island it is well worth embarking on one of the whisky tours. Being local to Islay they know the island and distilleries well. As a result, it ensures you get the most from your time exploring our favourite tipple. Furthermore, you can make use of their excellent taxi service to escort you around our island.

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The tours of Islay whisky distilleries

Islay Whisky Tours will take you on specialised, guided tours of Jura and Islay, where you will learn all about our famous whiskeys. With cost effective options to suit your needs, you will be escorted from A to B in style and comfort. Sit back and relax in a Mercedes GL class SUV and take it all in. Because there are so many distilleries, tours typically start at 9 am and conclude at 5 pm. However, this is flexible as the tours cater for you and you requirements.

What is more, you can request your own bespoke itinerary. All you need to do is ask. If you are on a longer stay and your main priority is to tour our distilleries then Islay Whisky Tours highly recommend you allocate 2-3 days for exploring. Most of the distilleries offer in-depth tours lasting from 2-4 hours. Moreover, they have raving reviews and feedback guaranteeing you have a fabulous time exploring sampling and learning all about our famous tipple. Some of our favourite local distilleries include Ardnahoe Distillery, Caol Ila and Lagavulin.

Our taxi services on Islay

Maybe you are looking for a taxi service while you are here on Islay? Bowmore taxis operate all over Islay, so you can get picked up and dropped off wherever you choose. As well as being licensed to carry 4 persons they have a trailer available for hire. Therefore, ideal for those of you travelling with more luggage, such as golf clubs, bikes or camping gear. Being on an island, taxis are not as abundant, so it is advised to book in advance. Bookings which exceed £100 require a deposit of £40.

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If this is what you are looking for then get in touch and book your taxi or whisky tour today. You can call Bowmore Taxis and Islay Whisky Tours on +44(0)1496 810 449 or +44 (0)7899 756 159. 

If you are looking for accommodation while visiting Islay, we offer delightful accommodation here at Islay Cottages. You can explore our accommodation here. If you want to know more then please call us on 01496 850 382 or email us here. We look forward to hearing from you.

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