Golf breaks on Islay…

If you enjoy golf then come along and play at Machrie Golf Course on Islay. A stunning course with plenty of challenges. It will be a memorable round!

To book, look at the 'Availability Page' here on our website and check your chosen accommodation is free. You can then check our tariffs here to see what each property costs in the relevant year to when you want to book. Then fill in the online booking form on this page or contact us here by email. Or you can book by telephone on 07880 706356 or 01496 850382.

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Come along and Golf on Islay with our Golf Package!

If you are searching for that perfect getaway to sit back, relax and play a round of golf then look no further. Come and stay with us and play a round of golf on Islay. Islay Cottages have a choice of lovely accommodation for that perfect golfing holiday.

Islay is home to the well-known Machrie Golf Course, which is situated south of Bowmore. One of the top 10 golf courses in Scotland, Planet Golf believes the Machrie will soon join the list of the top 100 golf courses on Earth.  Islay is more than just the perfect place for a golfing getaway. It one of the best places to be for Golf, with breathtaking scenery and much history behind the course. You can read more about the history and the course here.

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Stunning course…

With a stunning island landscape that serves as the perfect backdrop, golfers can enjoy a stimulating round of golf. Take in the beauty of the surrounding rugged cliffs and the sound of the waves as they gently lap or thunderously crash onto the golden sands of the beach.

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What’s Included:

– Self-catering Accommodation
– Free Wi-Fi
– Breathtaking views
– Freeview TV
– Five-minute walk to the nearest golden beach
– A fabulous historical golf course to play on

The perfect holiday…

While the Isle of Islay is famous for golf, it’s also famous for its Islay whisky. Some even say the two go hand in hand. Be sure to check out one of the eleven distilleries for a genuine Scottish whisky experience before (or after) you hit the course.

After a day on the course, exposed to all the elements of the Scottish climate, you can return to your warm and cosy accommodation within one of our cosy cottages. Even better, warm up and enjoy a dram or two after a hard day’s golfing in front of a roaring fireplace.

You can, of course, also explore the beaches of Islay, walk the hills and moorland and take in the wildlife. Do all this while waiting for that perfect round of golf. It is such a diverse island offering so many things to do, especially if you are a lover of the outdoors.

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Islay Cottages are a hole in one! Don’t delay, book now and see why the Island of Islay is so well regarded as a golfing holiday destination. To find out more get in touch on 01496 850382 or contact us via our online contact form. You can also book online below by clicking the booking button. You can see all details of each properties availability and booking tariffs on our booking bar on each page of the website.

*Note: Before booking it is a good idea to check in with Machrie Golf Course to check the availability of the course for play. You can contact them on +44 (0)1496 302310 or email them here.

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