Islay beaches…

Islay beaches are among some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. With 130 miles of coastline, you will find many gems peppered along its way. Read on below to find out more about where to go…


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Explore our stunning array of Islay Beaches

If you are visiting Islay then you must explore our wonderful choice of Islay beaches.

Islay is home to some of the loveliest beaches outside of the Caribbean. In fact, we love them so much that we named our cottages after them! From the shores of Loch Gruinart, the Big Strand in Laggan Bay and a 20 minute walk to Machir Bay, you will find some of the best. Saligo Bay is another favourite and only ten minutes away. Sanaigmore on the North coast is close to the excellent Gallery and Coffee House, The Outback.

Lossit Bay

Lossit Bay is one of the most beautiful bays on Islay. If you love golden sandy beaches and sand dunes then this is a beach to visit! With cliffs hugging the south side of the bay you can see Choughs and the rolling Atlantic ocean. And if you want to experience some spectacular waves, visit this bay on a stormy day! Important to point out is there is no parking so this bay is reached on foot. It is also not suitable for swimming due to strong currents.

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Machir Bay

Known locally as Kilchoman, Machir Bay is a wonderful 2 km expanse of sand with sand dunes rolling indulgently behind. Another one of Islay’s most beautiful beaches, it is worth a visit to walk the sands and watch the waves as they roll in. And it is only a fifteen-minute walk from Kilchoman House or Cottages. Furthermore, it is good for surfing, but care must be taken if swimming.


Two miles north from Kilchoman, taking the road to the west of Loch Gorm.  Again lots of soft sand and dunes but the sea can be rough. It is a very popular spot for residents and tourists alike.


On the north coast, continue around Loch Gorm and turn left at the red phone box to find this beach. Here you will find a monument to the sinking of the Exmouth Castle in 1847, an emigrant ship which foundered just off the coast.  Carry on past it and there is a lovely protected cove and sandy beach.  Stop on your way back at The Outback, an interesting art gallery with great coffee and cakes.


Take the road past the RSPB and park at the car park beside the loch to walk over the dunes to Loch Gruinart.  Because it is shallow, the water seems much warmer here. There are also numerous lovely but colder beaches around the point overlooking Nave Island.


On the opposite side of Loch Gruinart from Ardnave, Killinallan is a wonderful beach to walk that allows you to see the magnificent dunes. There are lots of seals in this area and the kids will love to catch a glimpse of them. You will also find good mussels and cockles at low tide.

Claggain Bay

On the south east of the island, nearly at the end of the road from Port Ellen to Ardtalla you will find the picturesque Claggain Bay. It is rocky with little sand but has breath-taking views over to Kintyre.

Kilnaughton Bay

Just west of Port Ellen, you will find a wide sweep of sand lies just off the road to the Oa. Carry on from here following the signpost and you will visit the “Singing Sands”.  If conditions are right the sands will “sing” for you as you walk over them. A must see!

The Big Strand

On the east shore of Lochindaal and at five miles long, this is a considerable stretch of beach. Take the track just past the airport when coming from Port Ellen and you will find it runs from Kintraw to the Laggan River.

North Lochindaal

From Blackrock round to Bruichladdich, there are long stretches of deserted beach.

Port Bann

Just before Port Charlotte, this secluded little beach is a delight for some peace and quiet

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