Nature Retreats to Islay

Brown otter sitting on a rock

Exploring Scottish Nature on Islay

Islay is famous for its spectacular wildlife and is home to many species. A beautiful, peaceful and easily-accessible island of the Inner Hebrides, it’s the perfect place to visit for a Scottish nature and wildlife retreat.

Sea Life

Islay Sea Adventures offer wonderful nature-watching boat tours. So, if you fancy bobbing up and down on the waves and breathing in the salty sea air you can board a boat at Port Ellen Marina, which will take you along the East Coast and introduce you to some of Scotland’s most amazing creatures. From the cute puppy-eyed seals, huge basking sharks and friendly dolphins you are sure to be dazzled!

Dry Land

Of course you do not have to board a boat to observe much of Islay’s wildlife. You can see much of what is on offer on foot on dry land. Seals can be observed along coastal routes. Or, if you venture inland you can stumble upon an otter near a river, or deer trotting across moorland. You may if you are lucky even spot the occasional hare darting across the heather. And if you’d like some expert guidance, Wild Islay Birding offer a choice of wildlife and bird-watching tours by mini-bus on the island.

Feathered Friends

You can spot many species of birds from any part of the island you visit. Geese and a variety of ducks bob and splash in the waters of Islay, while raptors such as the Golden Eagle and buzzards glide the skies, hunting out their next feed!

Nature Breaks to Islay

Here at Islay Cottages our properties have fabulous views of the sea, and also a fabulous special offer for nature lovers.  Stay in our cosy self-catering cottages with our Islay Sea Adventure Break and discounted tickets for Scottish nature boat tours.

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