Car Tours and Classic Cars at Islay Cottages

Close-up of headlights of red vintage car in a row.

Begin your Scottish road trip

Are you an enthusiast of classic cars, motorbikes or luxury vehicles like Bentleys and Aston Martins? Do you dream of epic car tours through stunning landscapes and Scottish villages? Look no further than the Isle of Islay, where your love for motors meets the beauty of Scotland’s countryside.

Discover Islay Cottages

Tucked away in the beautiful Isle of Islay, known as the “Queen of the Hebrides,” Islay Cottages is the perfect spot for groups of up to 34 looking for accommodation. Our cottages have lots of space for everyone, making them great for group trips, especially motorbike and car tours. Whether you’re going with your car club or planning a getaway with friends or family, Islay Cottages is the perfect base for your Scottish car tour adventure.

Kilchoman House in Spring.
Kilchoman House in Spring.

Car tours on Islay

Picture the excitement of driving along coastal roads, surrounded by views of the sea. Starting from Islay Cottages, you can go on amazing car tours of the Isle of Islay, enjoying the beautiful scenery and history of this Scottish island. Throughout the year, specialist clubs, such as the Bentley Club and the Aston Martin Club, organise car tours of Scotland. Whether you love high speed drives along scenic roads or prefer taking it slow, exploring villages and historic spots, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

View of Islay coastline
road along side the sea.
View of Islay coastline.

Showcase your motor in style

If you’re into classic cars or motorbikes Islay Cottages is the perfect place to show off your prized possessions. Imagine a row of beautifully restored classic cars or motorbikes sparkling in the Scottish sun. Bringing motor enthusiasts together to admire each other’s vehicles and share stories of their adventures on the road.

A line up of classic old cars
Show off your classic car at Isaly Cottages.

Exploring the Isle of Islay

Aside from the excitement of car and motorbike tours, there’s plenty more to do in Islay. You can visit our famous whisky distilleries, take walks on beautiful beaches or find history in quaint villages. Plus there’s so much wildlife to explore on Islay, from grey seals to otters and even deer.

Flight of Scottish whisky, tasting glasses with variety of single malts or blended whiskey spirits on distillery tour in Scotland, UK
Scottish whisky tasting on the Isle of Islay.

Refuel at Peatzeria

Stop by our sister business Peatzeria, a popular pizza restaurant in Bowmore, around a half-hour drive from Kilchoman. Here we offer a 10% discount for all Islay Cottages guests. We can cater for large groups, but please contact the restaurant in advance to book a table. Peatzeria is open daily for lunch and dinner and serves up a delicious menu of stone-baked pizzas, pasta and other Italian classics. Peatzeria also offers a takeaway menu to enjoy your dinner on the nearby beach with a view.

Pizzas lined up on the counter in Peatzeria on Islay
Refuel at Peatzeria resturant.

Relax at Islay Cottages

After a day of adventures and drives, return to the comfort of Islay Cottages. Unwind with your fellow travellers, gather around a crackling fire, relax under the stars in the outdoor seating area and debrief on your adventures and plan your next road trip.

Plan your next adventure

Islay Cottages is a great place for groups who love motors, nature and adventures. Whether you like classic cars, motorbikes, car tours or just exploring Scotland’s beautiful scenery, Islay has something for you. Get ready for an amazing trip at Islay Cottages – start planning your next adventure today!

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