Scottish wildlife

Experience Scottish wildlife on Islay

Our isle is a haven for anyone wanting to experience Scottish wildlife. It is the perfect place to enjoy everything that nature has to offer. Take a look at what is in store if you decide to go and explore …

Islay Nature Centre

If you are looking for things to do on Islay then why not explore the fabulous Islay wildlife indoors? If it is a rainy day it makes for the perfect…

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Islay Sea Adventures

Enjoy a wildlife boat trip with Islay Sea Adventures. Offering the chance to spot some rare species. Taking you along the south-east coast …

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Deer Spotting

Seeing a deer in the wild is an exceptional experience and a memory to keep forever. Where are the best places to spot deer on Islay in the Highlands of Scotland? Read on to find out . . .

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Islay Birdwatching

Islay is a fabulous place if you want to do a spot of birdwatching. With many species to see you are spoilt when it comes to Islay birds! Find out more…

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Spectacular Scottish wildlife

In the air …

Scotland is well-known for its stunning scenery and abundant wildlife. Islay is no exception, given that there are more than 200 different species of birds on the island. Including the famous Greenland barnacle geese that return every winter. Spring, sees new varieties of birds arrive on the island for breeding. The air is full of songs from corncrakes, lapwings, larks, and more. All hoping to find a new mate.

Puffins, oystercatchers, choughs, and golden eagles are among the other species that can be spotted on the island. Birds from as far afield as Africa visit Islay each year. And some travel all the way around the world, like the Arctic tern.

Islay truly is absolute heaven for any Twitcher or amateur birdwatcher!

On the ground …

If birdwatching isn’t your thing, don’t worry! Any walking route, will make sure you see more than your fair share of Scottish wildlife. Brown hares can be seen racing around the heathlands. There is an interesting legend that surrounds Islay’s hares. It is believed that they contain the spirits of islanders who have passed. Stoats can be seen too, if you’re quick enough. They are incredibly fast!

Otters call the streams and rivers on the island home. And there are three species of deer to spot. You will need a little patience to see the otter and deer as they can be a little shy. Oh, and watch out for the wild goats.

The diverse nature of the habitats across the island encourages a large array of butterflies, moths, and other insects. Maybe a mini-beast trail is in order?

In the water …

Islay has a large great seal colony on its coast. Most are in a Special Area of Conservation. A boat trip is the best way to see them. While you are on your way to meet the seals, you might be in for an extra special treat. You can sometimes see basking sharks and minke whales. You may even see some dolphins frolicking in the sea.

Islay truly is a haven for nature lovers. And, if you’ve had all the fresh air you need, you can relax in one of our fabulous cottages. You’ll wake up, recharged and ready, for your next adventure on the island.

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