Creative Retreats for Writer’s Block

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Retreat to Islay Cottages…

Dying to put pen to paper and churn out that next chapter of your debut novel? Perhaps you’ve simply had enough of your final year university dissertation? A writer’s retreat can work absolutely wonders … and Islay Cottages is the destination for you!

A Writer’s Retreat Surrounded by Nature

Whatever the block is to your creativity, the Queen of the Hebrides, Islay is certain to help clear your mind. Benefit from a stroll across one of Islay’s twenty unspoilt beaches and meditate on the tranquillity that the remote island brings.

Enjoy one of Islay’s many nature trails. Or, if you’re looking to give your mind a complete break, why not hop onto one of Islay Sea Adventures for a wildlife spotting excursion! Spot seals and porpoises in their natural habitat whilst scaling the Islay coastline. If you’re in luck, you may just spot some basking sharks too!

Look to Islay’s sky to spot some of the rarest and most majestic birds in the world. Islay is home to over 100 species of bird including eagles, hawks, falcons, ospreys and buzzards.

Immerse Yourself in Local Culture

Islay is also home to a rich culture and history. A quick visit to the Museum of Islay Life in Port Charlotte will be a testament to that. Be inspired for writing the next chapter of your book with the Islay community and take the time to explore the eight active whisky distilleries on the island. Dip your toes into whisky tasting with a tour around Kilchoman Distillery, conveniently located a stone’s throw away from our lovely self-catering cottages.

Escape to Islay and beat Writer’s Block

An escape to tranquillity and serenity can only be a good thing for writer’s block. Why not kick back and relax at Islay Cottages? We’re sure your writer’s retreat will be nothing but soothing. Book now and get planning your trip to the Outer Hebrides!

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